FairBNB the social responsible booking platform

It all started with the use of email as a reservation system to offer, through technology, power to the great technology companies that won the game thanks to the proximity, the security of payment and their power to compare offers. This, without a doubt, diminished to an almost non-existent point the capacity of a travel agency or tour operator to survive in a mass environment and with enormous price competition.

If at first only travel packages were discussed, now the market expanded as the tourism sector grew. Giving rise to companies like HomeAway or Airbnb to convert traditional rental homes to popular vacation rentals.

The biggest problem of this type of project has come with gentrification, phenomena by which an area begins to lose the social fabric of local inhabitants, whether they are owners or tenants, to leave these homes for vacation exploitation. The cultural damage that occurs even tends to be contrary to what the tourist seeks in the first instance, which is to know the place that is visited.

Fairbnb works easily, similar to Airbnb, but allocating 50% of the profits to social projects.